The role of the parish priest in a Catholic parish

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The Catholic priest is very important in a Catholic parish. Only the priest can celebrate the Mass. He has the power to from their sins. He has been ordained (specially chosen) to bring Christ into people's lives.

His main functions include therefore:
celebrating Mass where the people of the parish receive the ;
preparing parents for the of their chidren and then performing the baptism where the child is formally welcomed into the faith community;
preparing people for confirmation where they ;
preparing couples for marriage and then leading the marriage ceremony. He will also those having difficulties;
visiting the sick, conducting and caring for those who have lost loved ones.

The Catholic parish priest will also usually be a governor for the local .

He will preach the to people. He will be the hands of Jesus and reach out to those in trouble just as in Mark. He will try to bring the light of Christ into .

The parish priest will try to develop the community of the parish by encouraging the to use their gifts.